I have the privilege of working with some great students. Here are students whose doctoral committees I have chaired or co-chaired:

Talip Gonulal

Erzincan University, Turkey

Nobuhiro (Nobi) Kamiya 

Gunma Prefectural Women’s University,  Japan

Kamiya, N. (2017). Can the National Center Test in Japan be replaced by commercially available private English tests of four skills? In the case of TOEFL Junior Comprehensive. Language Testing in Asia, 7: 15,

Kamiya, N. & Loewen, S. 2013. The influence of academic articles on an ESL      teacher’s stated beliefs. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, 8,          205-218.

Jeffrey Maloney

Northeastern State University

Luke Plonsky

Northern Arizona University

Scott Sterling

Indiana State University

Dominik Wolff

West Chester University